This year we will be giving teams a chance to win a 4th Annual Eastman GPS Challenge Book of Savings for a prize. These coupons offer amazing discounts for fun activities and services offered by participating businesses.

-Teams who complete 1 - 4 bingo lines will be entered in a draw to win a Book of Savings with 6 coupons. (3 winners will be selected)

-Teams who complete all 5 possible bingo lines will be entered in a draw to win a Book of Savings with 11 coupons. (3 winners will be chosen).

-Those who complete all 5 lines will be entered in a separate draw for a chance to win a pair of tickets for Supper from the Field, held September 19, 2010. This will be a delicious dinner held in the Livery Barn at the Mennonite Heritage Museum. This supper features a wide variety of local, Manitoba-grown foods, prepared by a group of well-experienced chefs. This supper will be finish off this year's first Manitoba Open Farm Day, also held on September 19, 2010.

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